Saturday, September 20, 2008

China's melamine scare extended to more dairy products

Liquid cow's milk has been pulled from shelves around the country of china after 10% of it tested positive for the industrial chemical melamine, used in this case, as well as last year's pet food crisis, to artificially boost nitrate levels and give the appearance of higher protein levels. Apparently whoever thought this was a great idea forgot, as illustrated in the large amounts of dying pets that the results are, oh I don't know, poisonous? Maybe they didn't talk about it on the government-run news programs there. So brilliant food producers decided that it would be a good idea to start doing the same thing to milk intended for human consumption. This has now led to a fourth baby dying of kidney failure, with 6,000 plus still sick with kidney stones. The melamine has now been found in liquid milk, as well as yogurt and some other products. This incident is just one in a long line of screw ups in China's poorly run and poorly supervised food industry. In 2004, twelve babies died and 200 were sick after drinking fake formula that contained no nutrients.
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